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Landlord Vision for Property Managers

Posted: Tue Feb 25, 2020 11:44 am
by vickyaquin

I use property portfolio for more than 7 years and now I'm migrating to Landlord Vision.

My question is about how to adapt the system for property managers and not for landlords.

I manage 30 properties, around 110 tenancies.
I use rent guarantee, so I pay a fixed amount to the owner, pay the bills and manage the tenancies (rent collection, etc) and keep the profit.

How do you guys do this using the system?

Shall I add the landlord as the finance provider and then add as a mortgage/loan? I add the total as my contract?
For example, I pay £2950.00 each month to the landlord A. I have a contract of 36 months so the total I'll have to pay will be £106,200.00 in 36 months.
Shall I add in this way? Or is better as an expense?

I'm very confusing with this all, if anyone could help me that will be perfect!